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Think about cyber security incidents and the images that come to mind are evil hackers breaking into networks to steal data. Or, ransomware attacks that shut down systems at banks or hospitals, originating from foreign nation states. However, serious as these threats are, they aren’t the biggest risk organizations face today. It’s uninformed and careless employees.
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Phishing Simulation is often the training solution of choice for many enterprises.Research has shown that including phishing simulation as a part of a comprehensive security awareness program offers benefits, including practical, real-world phishing experience for staff, a chance to put training in to action, and the ability to capture meaning metrics to track organizational progress against goals. The age-old adage, “practice makes perfect,” may not be 100% true, but there is no doubt that using phishing simulations to train employees to respond to threats will bring a return on your security investment. In constructing a successful phishing simulation program, here are key items to include: