Security Mentor Training Features

Not all training is created equal. Our best-of-breed security awareness training teaches critical security skills in an easy-to-understand way that is brief, interactive and fun to take, resulting in real behavior and culture change. In addition, our key training features will help ensure the success of your program both for your trainees and administrators.

Key Training Features

Drive real behavior change using our powerful learning system and high engagement training

Security Mentor gamification badges and points for security awareness training and phishing


Gamification incents and motivates users by rewarding training accomplishments, and encouraging friendly competition. Top benefits include increasing user engagement, improving absorption, and making training fun and participatory.

Our gamification is structured using a combination of points, badges, levels, and team leader boards. Users earn and follow their growing training points and achievement badges, while teams can watch leader boards and compete for the top position, encouraging positive organizational competition, increasing participation and propelling training program success.

Example lesson quiz from Security Mentor security awareness training

Quizzes & Assessments

Quizzes and assessments play an important role in ensuring organizational compliance, determining program effectiveness and assessing user knowledge gaps.

Security Mentor end-of-lesson quizzes measure trainee knowledge recall and retention, while pre- and post-training assessments create an initial baseline and provide metrics from which overall program performance can be evaluated.

Security Mentor Public WiFi lesson shown with Spanish (LatAm) localization


Security Mentor offers translated and localized security awareness training to multi-national clients and organizations worldwide. We use in-country translators to ensure the translation is accurate and culturally relevant. By providing training to employees in their native language, learning is maximized.

Security Mentor Training is available in the following languages.

  • English
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Dutch
  • French
  • French Canadian
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
Graphical representation of accessibility support by Security Mentor


Nearly 1 in 5 people have a disability in the United States (U.S. Census Bureau). Security Mentor lessons are Section 508 compliant, ensuring that all users in your organization, regardless of disability status, have access to and can complete training.

Graphical representation for automated email notifications sent for training

Automated Notifications

You are busy keeping your organization secure, and don’t have time to track down users to remind them to take training. Your users are busy doing their jobs, and can forget to take training.

Our automated notification system takes the burden off you and your users with email alerts for account activation, new lessons released, and lessons past-due.

Example of Security Mentor lesson summary tips from our Office Security awareness training lesson


Computer-based training is a powerful tool, but often lacks the ability to easily summarize what is learned, thus reducing retention.

Security Mentor offers users the option to view, download and/or print key tips and takeaways from our lessons. And to support users being secure at home, we approve this content to be shared with users’ friends and family.

Key Administration Features

You’ve prioritized security awareness – great! Now use administrative tools and features to efficiently plan, execute and report on your program.

Graphical representation of the Security Mentor Cloud-based LMS

Security Mentor Cloud-based LMS

You’re an expert in security. Not learning management systems. And to make matters worse, these systems often are confusing, hard-to-learn, and just too time-consuming to use.

We solved that. Our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) is designed with you in mind. Designed specifically to deliver security training, it is uniquely easy to configure, use and view reports. Key features include:

  • Trainee provisioning
  • Tracking training participation and completion
  • Lesson text customization
  • Automated user notifications
  • Simple, secure password resets
Security Awareness Training status report from the Security Mentor LMS

Reporting & Analytics

To evaluate program success and return-on-investment, you need visibility and metrics into your training program.

The Security Mentor LMS includes an array of pre-configured dashboards, reports & metrics viewable online or via .csv data export, or you can create your own custom reports. Designed to help you easily monitor and improve your training program, you can quickly assess:

  • Activation status
  • Trainee and course-level progress and completion reports
  • Assessments and end-of-lesson quizzes
  • Survey drawing winners
Graphical representation of Security Mentor training delivery

Flexible Training Delivery

We know every environment is unique, and each program varies in its maturity.

Security Mentor gives you options. Our training can be delivered as a cloud-based service using our LMS with basic username/password authentication, or federated Single Sign-On (SSO). For larger organizations, we can also provide SCORM 1.2-compliant modules for use in your own on-premises LMS or 3rd-party LMS provider.

Screen capture of our Phishing lesson from the Security Mentor security awareness training curricula

Lesson Customization

Training is stickier when its content is relevant to the user’s organization and environment.

Security Mentor enables you to deliver our training configured to be more uniquely yours:

  • Use your organization's name within our lessons
  • Brand our Lesson Player with your logo
  • Modify key areas of lesson text
  • Include more advanced lesson text customizations tuned to your unique needs with our Security Mentor Training Packages
Graphical representation of selecting a survey winner from a Security Mentor gift card drawing

Rewards & Incentives

The potential of rewards adds positivity and excitement to a user's training outlook. Rewards are also a win for the security team.

In addition to our gamification rewards, included in our Enterprise Training Packages, are gift card drawings. A winner is randomly selected and posted to the training administrator’s account. Trainees love getting the giveaway and really appreciate the security staff who deliver it to them.