Your employees can be your best cyber defense, if they are empowered with knowledge to be cyber aware.

Security Mentor offers a comprehensive, integrated training platform with a portfolio of services for all your security awareness training and education needs. We deliver what you need, when you need it.

Graphical representation of four key services provided in the Security Mentor Training Platform

Comprehensive Security Awareness Training Platform

The Security Mentor Training Platform integrated services ensure your employees are the best defense protecting your organization against security incidents, data breaches, ransomware attacks, and insider threats. Our platform incorporates the key components essential to make your security awareness program a success.

Online Security Awareness Training

The foundation of the Security Mentor Training Platform is our transformative Security Awareness Training for employees. We teach critical cyber security skills in an easy-to-understand, fun format that creates real behavior and culture change.

How Our Training Is Different

Screen captures from three lessons in the Security Mentor security awareness training program
Screen capture from the PhishDefense phishing simulation service interface

PhishDefense Phishing Simulator

Our integrated phishing simulation service provides phishing tests for employees, assessing their vulnerability to phishing attacks and training them to become phish resistant. At-risk users are immediately identified and trained, addressing one of the most critical cyber risks facing organizations today.

Why Do Phishing Tests

Cyber Security Policy Tracking & Compliance

Unlike other cyber security training vendors, we know your security awareness program must support your organizational goals and policies. Our Security Mentor Policy Tracking & Compliance service makes it simple for organizations to communicate, disseminate, track and report security policies– all from the same platform that provides your security education.

How We Track Compliance

Screen capture of the Security Mentor Policy Tracking & Compliance service interface
Security Mentor posters and other security awareness materials

Security Awareness Materials

People learn in more than one way. Increase the effectiveness of your security awareness training program using our strategically integrated security awareness materials. By applying the same high-quality, consistent messages and graphic imagery, you will both reinforce knowledge and increase retention.

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