Cartoon of laptop with phishing hook hanging over it, surrounded by personal information at risk

Phishing attacks are one of the most dangerous cyber threats facing organizations. With ever increasing numbers and sophistication of attacks by phishers, the cyber risk is also continually increasing. Even the most sophisticated security software and hardware isn’t able to identify and block all phishing attacks, and prevent them from reaching your employees.

Security Mentor offers the tools you need to combat phishing.

Animation of PhishDefense Phishing Simulation interface showing campaign wizard, reporting, and templates

Easily Deploy Phishing Campaigns & Simulate Phishing Attacks

The PhishDefense Phishing Simulator enables you to simulate a real phishing attack by sending phishing emails to identify those employees at risk, and provide real-time training. Use our phishing templates to simulate phishing, spear phishing, ransomware and BEC attacks, or create your own custom templates.

Cloud-based and integrated with our Security Awareness Training, our phishing simulation service is easily deployed.

Assess Employee Vulnerability & Train

As your phishing campaign runs, PhishDefense tracks each and every phishing email so you can quickly identify vulnerable users and create phishing awareness by immediately:

  • Alerting employees to their mistake and the potential danger
  • Redirecting at-risk users to targeted phishing awareness training
  • Helping employees become phish aware by showing how they could have identified the phishing attack

For those organizations that prefer not to let employees know they were phished, we have a stealth mode too.

PhishDefense report showing phishing campaign details over time
PhishDefense gamification interface displaying rewards and points

Incent Positive Employee Behavior

Too often phishing simulation become a tool to punish staff who fall victim to phishing scams.

Security Mentor believes that phishing awareness training, like security awareness training, should be about positive reinforcement. PhishDefense rewards positive behavior using gamification.

  • When employees don't fall victim to a phishing test, they earn points for their phish resistance, for doing the right thing.
  • Groups can engage in friendly competition to see which group is the most phish resistant and cyber aware.

Develop Organizational Phishing Awareness

Phishing campaigns should be run regularly and often.

PhishDefense enables you to develop targeted phishing campaigns, and schedule and conduct phishing tests over time. Its powerful Dashboard tracks how your phishing campaigns are doing and assess whether you are lowering your organizational cyber risk by building user phish resistance.

PhishDefense dashboard displaying at-risk employees in successive phishing campaigns