Cyber security is complex and may be difficult for employees to learn and remember, especially with so much information that frequently changes. Studies show that continual education and reinforcement is the most effective way to promote enduring knowledge. Security awareness materials are a great way to provide continual learning. In addition, graphical awareness materials, like posters and cartoons, provide a highly effective learning experience for visual learners.

We’ve pre-built integrated security awareness materials that you can incorporate into your security awareness program.

3 Security Awareness Training posters from Security Mentor

Security Awareness Posters

Displaying cyber security posters in your offices or across your campus can be a powerful component of your cyber awareness training.

  • Graphical materials provide another type of learning experience that is very effective for visual learners
  • Displaying posters helps reinforce cyber awareness training and reminds employees to comply with policies
  • Placing posters in high-traffic areas serves as a way to keep cybersecurity top-of-mind

Our posters are both fun to look at and provide important information security tips. Behind the scenes, they also employ learning best practices and are integrated with our security awareness training lessons, incorporating the same visuals and messaging, promoting knowledge retention.

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Cyber Security Cartoons

Cyber security cartoons are another great way to deliver cybersecurity reminders to your employees.

Each cyber security cartoon conveys a simple, important message that’s both entertaining and insightful, as well as graphically compelling. Our cyber security cartoons are also designed to reinforce our security awareness training. Give your employees some needed levity while delivering impactful cybersecurity reminders.

Three-panel Password Security Cartoon from Security Mentor
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