Policy Tracking &

Most organizations don’t have an effective way to disseminate security policies and track that employees read and attest to follow them. Wouldn’t it be great to have a service that makes it easy for you to communicate, track, and report on compliance?

We integrate policy tracking and compliance with training.

Graphic representing uploading policies to Security Mentor Policy Tracking & Compliance service

Ease of Deployment and Use

The Security Mentor Policy Tracking & Compliance service enables your organization to easily and quickly upload your policies to our cloud-based Training Platform, which we then track and report. This service is an optional, integrated component in our platform.

We’re one of the first and few companies to offer this capability and built it to be seamless with our training.

Automated Policy Dissemination & Integration

Our service will automatically notify your employees by email when a new policy is available. If an employee doesn’t read or attest to follow the policy by the due-date, a late reminder is automatically sent.

A powerful feature of our Policy Tracking & Compliance service is that you can coordinate your policies with security awareness training. Because each of our lessons focuses on a single topic, you can time the release of the relevant policy in coordination with its applicable lesson.

Graphic representing employee reviewing policies
Security Mentor Policy Tracking & Compliance interface to review policies

Proof of Due Diligence

Policies are available for employees to view in their Security Mentor training account. Employees select a policy through our easy-to-use interface, read the policy, and then attest to comply with it.

For each employee, our service tracks three states per policy: unopened, opened, and attested. Once released and attested, employees can view policies online again at any time or download and print for later reference.

Reporting & Metrics

Administrators can view policy compliance organization-wide or drill down to an individual employee’s status using our integrated dashboard. Policy Reports can be viewed online or downloaded for proof of compliance.

Policy Tracking & Compliance report showing employee status for attestation to policies