Collaborative Session Will Demonstrate How Effective Security Awareness Training Programs Require Right Mix of Skills, Knowledge, Executive Support and Resources

Pacific Grove, Calif., October 21, 2015 – Security Mentor, a global leader of innovative security awareness training that drives real behavior change, today announced that Chief Strategist and Chief Security Officer Dan Lohrmann will be presenting at SecureWorld Dallas, which takes place October 28-29, 2015, at the Plano Centre.

During a four-and-a-half hour workshop titled SecureWorld Plus: Building a Successful Information Security Awareness Program, attendees will learn how an effective program, that offers lasting solutions, requires the right mix of skills, knowledge, executive support and resources. Offering award-winning case studies, interactive discussions and group participation in exercises, this three-part, interactive workshop will cover these essential topics:

Part 1: Information Security Awareness Fundamentals and War Stories
What important building blocks, resources and communication strategies are essential to successfully implement your program? How can you reduce the risk of a data breach or other unwanted outcomes using a comprehensive approach to information security awareness? What best practices and examples have succeeded that can be emulated?

Part 2: Building and Maintaining Your Organization’s Information Security Awareness Plan
After several checklists and overall program templates are presented in detail, the second part of this workshop will include peer interactions and discussions that can be used to tailor your specific plan to implement a customized security awareness program. Depending on the size and complexity of your organization, participants will either build their plan or create the outline of their information security awareness program – with details to be inserted later.

Part 3: Reinventing Your Information Security Awareness Program
So you already have an Information Security Awareness Program, but it’s not working. Is it time to start-over or tweak the plan? What strategies work to get executive buy-in? What are you missing? What are some common mistakes to avoid? How can you improve what you’re already doing? Small group discussions, break-out Q&A as well as several successful toolkits are covered.

“Every organization seeks a security-aware culture, but it is of the utmost importance to build an effective information security awareness program that addresses compliance and changes employee behavior for the better,” said Dan Lohrmann, CSO and Chief Strategist, Security Mentor. “Employees are an organization’s greatest asset, but they can also be the weakest link in securing intellectual property and protecting sensitive data. Therefore, a well-organized security awareness training program is essential. This hands-on workshop will offer an interactive, engaging style that is both fun and informative, enabling attendees to hit the ground running with a customized plan that meets their organization’s needs when they head back to the office.”

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