Award-Winning Approach to Security Awareness Training Now Available in Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and Swedish

Pacific Grove, Calif., February 25, 2016 – Security Mentor, a pioneer of innovative security awareness training that drives real behavior change, today announced the localization of the Security Mentor Security Awareness Training Program in four new languages to enable global businesses to better protect themselves against phishing, social engineering and other information security threats. The addition of Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and Swedish adds to an already robust collection of languages supported by Security Mentor, with more languages to be introduced throughout the rest of the year.

“At Security Mentor, we understand today’s global business environment and want to enable our customers worldwide to offer our award-winning security awareness training to employees in their own language, maximizing their learning experience,” said Marie White, CEO and President, Security Mentor. “Our cutting-edge training model of 10-minute lessons, delivered monthly with high quality, interactive content, has transformed how businesses conduct security awareness training around the world. In response to increasing customer demand, we have added these four new languages to expand our international reach and will continue to invest in the global functionality of our training program that has been specifically designed for how people learn and work.”

With a substantial increase in cyber-attacks, use of personal devices at work, and access by employees to sensitive corporate information, the need to create a secure, global workforce has never been greater. As organizations face an influx of both internal and external attacks, security awareness training has moved to the forefront of the corporate discussion and remains critical to businesses of all sizes worldwide.

Security Mentor addresses the needs of multinational corporations by providing not only specific languages, but also region-appropriate examples and dialogue. With the addition of four new languages, Security Mentor continues to expand the industry’s most comprehensive security training program that enables organizations to create cyber-savvy employees. Combining engaging, highly interactive lessons that convey critical security information in an easy-to-understand, brief format that is both fun and memorable, Security Mentor drives real, immediate employee behavior change.

Security Mentor will be hosting a booth at RSA Conference USA 2016 (#S838) where subject-matter experts will discuss the latest company updates, as well as the benefits of interactive, highly engaging, security awareness training. For more information on Security Mentor, visit the company’s website, and follow the company on Twitter at @SecurityMentor and on LinkedIn.

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