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Security Awareness Training Programs

Security Mentor has three security awareness training programs designed to meet your needs.

Security Mentor CORE Training

Trains employees about 12 critical security awareness topics quickly, economically and effectively. Lessons include:

Security Mentor bullet graphicIntro to Security AwarenessSecurity Mentor bullet graphicPhishing
Security Mentor bullet graphicComputer SecuritySecurity Mentor bullet graphicSocial Networking
Security Mentor bullet graphicEmail SecuritySecurity Mentor bullet graphicWeb Security
Security Mentor bullet graphicReporting IncidentsSecurity Mentor bullet graphicPublic WiFi
Security Mentor bullet graphicPasswordsSecurity Mentor bullet graphicMobile Security
Security Mentor bullet graphicOffice SecuritySecurity Mentor bullet graphicInformation Protection

Security Mentor Phishing lesson thumbnail   Security Mentor Public WiFi lesson thumbnail   Security Mentor Office Security lesson thumbnail   Security Mentor Mobile Security lesson thumbnail

Security Mentor ADVANCED Training

Addresses other challenging security issues employees face with a follow-on curriculum of nine lessons:

Security Mentor bullet graphicSocial EngineeringSecurity Mentor bullet graphicPrivacy
Security Mentor bullet graphicData Loss Prevention (DLP)Security Mentor bullet graphicWorking Remotely
Security Mentor bullet graphicSafe DisposalSecurity Mentor bullet graphicTravel Security
Security Mentor bullet graphicInternet of Things Security Mentor bullet graphicInsider Threat
Security Mentor bullet graphicCloud Security  

Security Mentor ROLE-BASED Training

Security Mentor provides role-based training for staff with key information security responsibilities in targeted areas.

Security Mentor bullet graphicSystem Administration