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Overview of Security Mentor® Security Awareness Training

Lessons as memorable as they are engaging and effective

The Human Security Dilemma

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Seventy-nine percent of Information Security officers think human error is the root cause of information security failures (2007 Deloitte & Touche survey). No wonder security awareness is a top information security initiative. The problem is training often isn't effective; it doesn't stick. Busy schedules, information overload, and long gaps between trainings can make it hard for employees to learn the security information they need. And even when they do, it's quickly forgotten.

The Security Mentor Difference

Small image of Security Mentor Phishing lesson. Copyright Security Mentor 2011. Learning is most successful when small bites of targeted information are given frequently and reinforced over time. This is especially true in today's workplace where on average, employees get interrupted every 11 minutes and switch to a new task every 3 minutes. That's why Security Mentor's training is designed for how people learn and work.

Brief.  Ten-minute lessons fit busy work schedules.
Frequent.  Monthly training keeps security top of mind.
Focused.  Single-topic lessons are easy to learn and remember.

Small image of Security Mentor Office Security lesson. Copyright Security Mentor 2011. But a great training model alone is not enough, training must engage and Security Mentor delivers. Security Mentor's rich media, Flash-based lessons capture interest. Our instructionally designed, interactive content promotes learning by doing. And real-world scenarios, current security content and compelling games make training memorable and relevant. Because it's Web-based, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere -- increasing participation and reducing costs.

How Our Security Awareness Training Works

Security Mentor's security awareness training is available as a service from Security Mentor's website or as SCORM-compliant lessons hosted on your internal, corporate Learning Management System (LMS). Each month employees get a new security awareness lesson, which takes 10 to 12 minutes to complete. From their account, employees are able to access current and past lessons, view their training status, and access resources and services. The Security Mentor LMS tracks each employee's progress and completion of lessons. Managers can view reports on employee training at varying levels of detail from company down to individual employee performance.

Employees love our training and so do security officers; read their testimonials here. But don't take our word for it; see Security Mentor's training for yourself. Ask for a demo today!

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