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Security Mentor Features

Security Mentor offers many features designed to engage trainees, increase training effectiveness, and reduce the burden on security staff. Features include:

Security Mentor bullet graphic Gamification. Security Mentor’s gamification rewards employees for their training accomplishments, building on the foundation that success is a strong motivator. Employees earn points for each lesson completed and are awarded badges for their training achievements. Not only can trainees see how they are doing individually, groups compete with one another across the organization.
Security Mentor bullet graphic Policy Hosting and Management. The Policy Tracking and Management Service provides a single portal for clients to manage training and security policy compliance. A summary of features includes:
  • Customer security policies hosted on Security Mentor’s Cloud
  • Browser-based policy viewing, assent, and administration
  • Ability for employees to review policies on demand in an easy to use interface
  • Emails notifications informing employees about new and past-due policies
  • Real-time reports available to administrators
  • Capability to export reports that detail compliance with security policies
Security Mentor bullet graphic Section 508A Compliance. Security Mentor lessons are Section 508 compliant so that all users regardless of their disability status, can take Security Mentor’s training.