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Customer Success Stories & Case Studies

Security Mentor customers are transforming employee attitudes towards security. Across a wide range of industries and unique business needs, these organizations are achieving tangible results boosting the security of their workforce. Explore their stories below and read about the difference our customers are making with our industry-leading security awareness training.

Beaumont Health System Case Study

Beaumont Health System Strengthens Security Posture with Security Awareness Training from Security Mentor
In a hospital environment, organizations have full time employees, part time employees and contractors that need to be trained with the latest security best practices. In July of 2014, the Beaumont Health System selected Security Mentor as its security awareness training and education program provider of choice. After successfully piloting Security Mentor’s program with approximately 11,000 employees, Beaumont Health System has now rolled out lessons to nearly 35,000 employees and contractors at all locations. Today, Security Mentor’s training is a vital part of Beaumont Health System’s security risk management program.

State of Missouri Case Study

State of Missouri Heightens Security Position with Security Awareness Training from Security Mentor
The State of Missouri recognized early on that employees play an important role in securing its most sensitive information. In July of 2015, the organization selected Security Mentor as its security awareness training and education program provider of choice for its more than 40,000 employees. To date, Security Mentor’s training has been extremely well-received and is helping the State of Missouri reach its goal of becoming a model and national leader in cybersecurity awareness.

XL Group Case Study

XL Group Reduces Risk using Security Mentor Security awareness Training
XL Group plc (NYSE:XL), a global insurance and reinsurance company with approximately 4,000 employees, uses Security Mentor's security awareness training as an integral part of their defense-in-depth program, educating employees that their actions are critical to reduce risk to the corporation.