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PhishDefense Phishing Simulation Service

Why Phish Your Employees?

Phishing attacks are one of the most dangerous security threats to businesses today. Employees are attacked daily by cybercriminals, sent messages designed to trick them to click on malicious links, or open malware-laden attachments. Unfortunately, all too often employees fall for these attacks. The result is data breaches, stolen intellectual property, and hacked systems. Phishing simulation trains your employees before the attackers get to them.

The PhishDefense Service

The PhishDefense phishing simulation service provides continual security awareness by training employees to spot and resist phishing attacks, while identifying employees susceptible to attacks. Combined with Security Mentor’s award-winning Security Awareness Training Program, the result is your staff become cyber savvy, and one or your strongest defenses.

PhishDefense enables you to phish your staff by launching simulated phishing campaigns and then tracking employee behavior. Vulnerable employees (e.g. those that click on a phishing link) are directed to a brief, targeted, real-time training session. Administrators can view online or download reports summarizing the success of phishing campaigns.

PhishDefense Features

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  • Security Mentor bullet graphic Self-Service or Managed Service: select the form of service that best fits your needs.
  • Security Mentor bullet graphic Features: use our pre-built template phishing emails and training pages, or create your own. Targeted sending domains make attacks look real.
  • Security Mentor bullet graphic Campaigns: create and launch phishing campaigns based on your specifications.
  • Security Mentor bullet graphic Tracking: the PhishDefense service tracks employees opening phishing simulation messages and clicking on phishing links in messages.
  • Security Mentor bullet graphic Reports: review graphic or tabular reports in the PhishDefense administrative interface. Export reports to use locally or for establishing compliance.

Contact Security Mentor today to learn how PhishDefense can help your employees become phish resistant.